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A confusing myth about aviation is that the best pilot needs four solid years of a college degree to get a job with major airlines. This perpetuated myth is neither right nor practical. It is important to remember that a four-year degree is only helpful when pursuing a different course in conjunction with the pilot course. You will, however, be wasting time and money getting an aviation degree when you are sure of your pursuit of a CPL, ATPL or other pilot licenses.

There is a distinction between sitting in class on a university campus and sitting in a flight school. We do not state this to get you into our school, but have concrete evidence of the benefits of choosing FlyBy Academy over the standard four-year flight university.

Five benefits of choosing our flight academy

Pilot focused flight training

The aviation academy has a heavy bias towards training pilots as its singular focus. It is the right choice for one who wants to focus on getting into their piloting career as quickly as possible. The pilot training course is applicable for anyone who knows that they want to be a pilot and do not want to waste time and resources studying other subjects. To the extent you are interested in other things, you can always devote time to those pursuits in your spare time which is not easier than ever given the prevalence of information on the internet.

We have a direct focus on the practice and training of the pilot. You can head out the tarmac within months and begin flying on our aircraft. Unlike the university, our pilot school has an intense pilot schooling program that equips you with the necessary skills fast to qualify for the job market.

Transparent schedule and fees

A degree will cost much more to obtain than attending flight school. You will pay less in the long run when you take less time to get the same level of education as a university graduate – Our aviation academy classes take as little as fourteen months to complete. The best part about joining our school is that we do not have hidden fees for the following services:
• Meals
• Shuttle service
• Accommodation
• Insurance
• Uniforms
• Reading materials like manuals, tests, and computers

Online application for the course

We have an easy online application for only  €1,000. You will get an immediate online assessment after making the payment. The application fee is via Paypal or standard international wire transfer. You will be required to take an online test and assessment as part of your enrollment process. If you are accepted to our school, the initial enrollment fee is payable via wire transfer and there will be ongoing monthly payments through your studies on our campus.

We have six packages of A-F with options including or lacking prices for meals, accommodation, or shuttle services. There are no hidden fees.

Licensing convenience

The EASA ATPL pilot license is primary goal when you join our aviation school. We know how to meet the requirements of this important certification. One must complete 14 months of training and show readiness to the examiner of flight tests that will demonstrate your proficiency in an airplane.

The PPL is the most straightforward license to acquire, with the least number of flight hours, written and oral exams. While you may not have earning rights, you can comfortably fly for pleasure or business with confidence for the highest level of training. Most importantly, you have the option to pursue an integrated ATPL as a beginning pilot. Students with a PPL can enter FlyBy with a slightly shorter path to completion of their studies depending on the number of flight hours they have already logged. However, if you are just getting started in your flight career, we recommend you immediately enroll in an ATPL program if your ultimate goal is to be a commercial airline pilot.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Modular Pilot Instruction

Many students like the idea of entering into a modular training regimen, learning over time in manageable chunks.  While many find this convenient, it could take many years and more aggregate cash paid to flight schools to acheive your dream of becoming an airline pilot.  Modular programs can have overlap between modules, causing you to waste money and time.  It also extends the time before you can start earning that lucrative paycheck with a major airline. 

An integrated program that is designed to get you to your goal as quickly as possible with everything laid out in a coordinated and synchronized manner.  This is particularly true if you attend an academy like ours with an aggressive flight schedule.

Frequent Flying in Our EASA ATPL Integrated Pilot Training Allows for as Little as 14 Months to a License

One of the challenges that most students face when attending a flight school is that they have trouble accumulating the flying hours they need to get their commercial certification.  Whether it be bad hours, poor scheduling, or a relaxed pace, this can extend your training out significantly.  This costs you more money in school fees as well as lost time earning money with a major airliner.

At FlyBy we have a very aggressive flight schedule.  We start students as early as possible in the cockpit, establish an aggressive schedule in the sunny weather of northern Spain so that students get plenty of practice and accumulate logged hours as quickly as possible.  Thus, it is possible to achieve your ATPL license in as little as 14 months.

Contact Us to Prepare to Start Your Career with Commercial Carrier

FlyBy is an international commercial pilot school with a good mix of both local and international students. Our students represent more than 55 nationalities from around the world. We have a ground school in Spain and an optimal location for a diverse flying experience. Talk to us by phone or WhatsApp at +44 7828 886964 if you want to learn about starting your career as a pilot.  

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